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Every client has different goals for their fitness and health. I start by discussing with every client what they are looking to achieve, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution. 

The following are some areas that we can focus on.


This is of great importance to raise your metabolism and enhance your endurance.

This training gives other great benefits such as lowering blood pressure, and helping maintain healthy internal organs.


Strength training is a highly important aspect of fitness.

This includes having strong muscles in the core, legs and abdomen. This aspect of training gives the foundations to protect yourself against injuries, and also to add to your general level of sports performance.


There are several aspects of nutrition which are relevant to my clients’ health and fitness.

  • Lower blood sugars: this involves learning how to combine foods to lower insulin levels and decrease body fat.
  • Understanding glycemic index: learning how different fruits and vegetables are absorbed at different rates by the body. Learning how to consume different combinations of fruits and vegetables in order to gain the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals the body requires.
  • Understanding healthy fats: learning how to understand how the range of different fats within nutrition affect the body.
  • Pre-activity and post-activity sports nutrition: learning how to fuel the body efficiently before activity and how to replenish and repair the body post-activity.
  • Juices: I can provide great juice recipes for different aspects of health to help add crucial vitamins and minerals including those lost through training. 


Flexibility and mobility are another important aspect of training, and lead to better health.

As well as this, this training leads to the ability to perform better in other sports outside traditional gym training.


As well as my high-level professional training career, I can offer self-defence and personal protection consultancy

I professionally instruct clients and their families, with their specific needs for remaining safe in unexpected situations.

Massage Therapy

I offer the following aspects of this therapy:

  • Explaining and implementing the importance of muscle maintenance and repair.
  • Relaxation massage for de-stressing and the related mental health benefits.
  • Demonstrating pressure points and explaining how they affect the body.
  • Offering instruction on how to self-maintain your muscle health with use of massage, foam rollers, and more.

Virtual Training

In this modern world you don’t need to be there for me to train you. I have clients outside Jersey who I train and this area is growing as part of the New Normal.

I offer:

  • One-to-one 30 minute conversations, covering any aspect of my knowledge in all areas of fitness.
  • A specific programme will then be devised based on each client’s needs.
  • Off-site virtual training for clients working from home or abroad. 

Why Steve?

I have been an athlete at a high level since an early age and have turned this passion into a profession. I recognise that the modern approach to training is not just about working out in a gym. It is multi-faceted, and encouragement and a development plan is just as important as burning calories and training muscles. This is why I have such high client retention. 

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